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School Field Trip Programs

Crooked River State ParkCrooked River State Park is a 500-acre park near Saint Marys. It is known for great saltwater fishing. Our park also offers school children a chance to bring their classroom studies to life. All Ranger-led school programs are correlated with the Georgia Performance Standards.

School children can hike the park’s 4 miles of trails, explore the park’s Nature Center on a self-guided basis or learn more about Georgia’s plant and animal life by participating in one of our Ranger-led school programs.

The park has a picnic area with playgrounds.


   Bats Eat Bugs: Mammals
Playful learning through song, making tracks movement activity, touching mammal skins and mounts, a camouflage game, and optional craft activity. Concepts: cold vs. warm blooded, life cycles, mammal, predator, prey, camouflage, tracks.  
Time: 1-1.5 hrs
GPS: ELAKLSV1a.-g., SKL1a.,b., SKCS1a., ELA1LSV1a.-f., S1CS1, S1CS5a., S1CS4c., PE1.1b., S1L1d, ELA2LSV1a.b.d.e., S2CS4d., S2L1a

   For Goodness Snakes: Reptiles & Amphibians
Touch and compare live amphibians and reptiles, frog life cycle stretch, hop, crawl, & slide movement game, music, and optional craft activity. Concepts: cold vs. warm blooded, life cycles, reptile, amphibian, metamorphosis, camouflage, hard/soft, wet/dry, cool/warm.
Time: 1-1.5 hrs.
GPS: ELA1LSV1a.-g., SKCS6, SKL1b., HEK1b., PEK.b., ELA1LSV1a.-f., S1P1c., S1L1b.,d., SICS4c., S1CS5a.PE1.1b.,c., ELA2LSV1a.b.d.e., S2CS4d., S2L1a

   Sensational Wilderness: Sensory Hike
Explorer hike using five senses, owl hearing test, mammal scent match up game, challenge your taste buds activity, skins and skulls touch bag, habitat game, and optional craft. Concepts: 5 senses, migration, hibernation, adaptation, seasonal changes, habitats.
Time: 1-1.5 hrs
GPS: ELA1LSV1a.-g., SKL1a.b., SKCS1a. ELA1LSV1a.-f., S1CS1, S1CS2a., S1CS4c., S1CS5a., ELA2LSV1a.b.d.e., S2CS1a., S2CS4d., S2CS5a

   Gone Buggy: Insect Study
Collect and identify insects, micro hunt/hike, butterfly stretch, play a camouflage game and make a color graph, insect song sing along, and optional bug bookmark craft.Concepts: Insect, arachnid, pollination, metamorphosis, insect parts, camouflage, decomposition.
Time: 1-1.5 hrs. 
GPS: : ELA1LSV1a.-g., SKCS6a.-c., SKL1b., SKL2 a.c.d., SKCS2a. HEK1b., MKD1, ELA1LSV1a.-f., S1L1b.,d., M1D1a., S1CS5a., ELA2LSV1a.b.d.e., S2L1a, S2CS2a., M2D1

   Signs of Fall
Meet reptiles, touch mammal furs, sing and role-play fall animal behaviors (45min). Add a discovery walk looking for signs of fall and review with ‘Animal Simon Says’(45 min). Concepts: Seasons, shapes, colors, sizes, adaptations, migration, hibernation, living/nonliving, hard/soft, heavy/light, etc.
Time: 45 min-1.5 hr
GPS: ELA1LSV1a.-g., SKL1a-c., SKL2b-d. SKCS1a., ELA1LSV1a.-f., S1CS1, S1CS2a., S1CS4c., S1CS5a., S1L1d

   Animal Adaptations
Grades 3-5
Meet and compare live reptiles from three different habitats, fly through a bird migration game and/or compete for worms, then turn a classmate into an alligator. Concepts: physical and behavioral adaptations, habitat, mimicry, camouflage, migration, hibernation. 
Time: 1-1.5 hrs
GPS: S3L1 a, b & c, S3.L2 a & b, S4L1 a & b, S4.L2 parts a & b, S5L2 a

   Marsh Madness
Grades 3-7
Explore the marsh and learn about the plants and animals that have adapted to survive the marsh habitat. Students will have a chance to take part in a “fiddler crab grab”.  We’ll examine the marsh food chain, and learn why the marshes are so important to our coast.
GPS: S3L1, S4L1, S7L4

   Dock Discovery – Life in the Subtidal Zone
Grades 3-7
Discover the organisms that inhabit the tidal zones along the Crooked River. Students will use nets to collect samples from under the dock. Then we will identify and classify what they find such as grass shrimp, sea squirts, anemones, and other dock critters. Students may also have the opportunity to use microscopes to take a closer look at the organisms they sampled from the dock.
GPS: S3L1, S4L1, S5L1, S7L4

   Reptiles – Herp, Herp, Hurray!
Grades K-5
Visit the Nature Center for a hands-on learning experience. We will take reptiles out for a close look and discuss reptile characteristics of turtles, snakes, alligators, and lizards. Students will have the opportunity to touch and hold some of the reptiles while discovering interesting facts about them. This up close experience will help students understand the importance of reptiles within an ecosystem.
GPS: SKL2, S4L2, S5L1

   Forest Ecology – A Walk in the Woods
Grades 3-7
During a trail walk through one of our forests, we will identify the components of a habitat. Students will learn which plants grow in certain soils and will look for signs of wildlife to determine animals native to the area. We will cover limiting factors, producers, consumers, decomposers, and the circle of life.
GPS: S3L1, S4L1, S7L4

Call:  912-882-8531

Tuesday-Saturday 8:30 a.m.- 4:30 p.m.

Be ready to provide the following information when you call:
   • Teacher’s Name and Contact Information
   • Name and address of school
   • Number and grade level of students

Teachers and chaperones are expected to participate and assist program staff as needed.

Fees: $3 per participant for programs.
Minimum group size: 10
Maximum group size: 80

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