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School Field Trip Programs

F. D. Roosevelt State ParkPrepare for an environmental adventure in the field and in the classroom. Most discoveries are geared towards groups of 15 to 60 students in grades PreK-6. Students must be within two grade levels of each other. Note: Exciting programs for older students, adults, or family groups can be arranged. Contact us for details.

On-site basic program cost is $5 per student & additional adult.
Two teachers or chaperones are permitted FREE per 15 students unless there are noted Special Needs and additional adults will be allowed.
Programs are scheduled on a first-come, first-served, space-available basis year-round.
There is a ParkPass fee of $5 per personal vehicle unless you have an annual ParkPass.

To schedule a school visit complete this application form at least 4 weeks in advance of requested date and FAX it to us, scan & email it, or call us with the information. We will contact you with date and topic confirmation. Your request does not guarantee a confirmation.


   The A Team: Animals
Pre-K, K
Become part of an elite team collecting and investigating small invertebrates and studying habits and habitats of larger animals.

   Finding Nature
1st Grade
Set out on an adventure to uncover and collect local plants and animals and get a close-up look at what they need to survive.
S1L1, S1P1

   Pirates of the Piedmont Region
2nd Grade
Heave ho and band together on a quest! Ad-venturers may uncover and map some of our local plants, animals, and historical treasures.
S2L1, SS2H2, SS2G1

   Transformers: Nature
3rd Grade
Take on the challenge of investigating some habitats of the Piedmont region. As the cho-sen heroes discover what it takes to conserve and preserve our local environment.
S3E1, S3L1, S3L2

   The Hunger Game: Life Web
4th Grade
Watch and record how other animals and plants fight for survival. Study what role they each play in the survival game.
S4L2, S4L1, S4P2

   Gene Busters
5th Grade
Called to investigate unusual happenings in animal behavior, students learn how to recognize, classify and record similarities and differences among local fauna.
S5L1, S5L2

6th Grade
As water droplets students become part of the water cycle, collect data, and investigate water uses and conservation.
S6E3 S6E5

  9:30 AM - Arrival to group shelter, Restroom stop, Teacher & student orientation, Review schedule
10 AM - Divide group Outdoor discovery 1/2; Classroom/lab investigation 1/2
11 AM - Switch
12:15 PM - Restroom stop, Picnic lunch, Program review
1:30 PM - Departure

  Guided Programs are offered off-site for businesses, schools, & special events. Cost is $125 for the first program, $75 for additional programs on the same day up to 3 programs plus mileage. Call for additional information.

F. D. Roosevelt State Park

2970 Georgia Highway 190 Pine Mountain, GA 31822
Phone: 706.663.4858
FAX: 706.663.8906

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