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Mistletoe State ParkMistletoe is a 1,972-acre park located on Clarks Hill Lake in Columbia County. The park is a treasure trove of outdoor discoveries with nature trails, creeks, wildlife observation areas and miles of shoreline. Mistletoe's staff offers a variety of Ranger-led educational programs providing hands-on learning opportunities. These programs give school children a chance to bring their classroom studies to life while providing teaching tools for teachers. All Ranger-led school programs are correlated with the Georgia Performance Standards

Mistletoe State Park provides an outdoor journey for any field trip. Teachers can schedule a Ranger-led program or bring their class and explore on their own. School children can hike the park's nature trails, explore the creeks or discover what lives in Clark's Hill Lake. Students can learn more about Georgia's plant and animal life by participating in one of our Ranger-led school programs. Students will also get the opportunity to visit the nature center with many inter-active displays.

(Every program, students will visit the nature center.)

PRE-K PROGRAMS: 1 hour / $3 per student

   Wild Animals
Students will learn about wild animals through animal mounts & furs. Through hands-on discovery they will learn why fawns have spots and turtles have shells.

   Animals Tracks
Students will go on an adventure following animal tracks along the trail then create a track book of the animals & tracks they saw.

KINDERGARTEN PROGRAMS: 1 hour, 30 minutes / $3-$4 per student

   Nature Sense
Focus will be on plants & animals. Students will use their sense of touch, sight and smell to discover living and non-living through a variety of hands on learning activities. They will visit the nature center and go on a nature hike.
SKL1- ab SKL2- abd

   Animal Babies
Children will discover differences between parent and baby through hands of games and discovery. Students will visit the nature center and go on a nature hike/animal hunt.
SKL1- ab SKL2- acd

1st GRADE PROGRAMS: 2 hours / $3-$4 per student

   The Need for Survival
Focus will be on plant & animal needs through a nature hike. Students will touch & compare animal furs, body parts and fur color learning how they help with motion and basic needs. Students will go on a nature scavenger hike, discover seeds, leaves and plant roots.

   Whose Tracks Are They?
Students will discover that animal tracks are different and tracks help students determine animal movements. Students will visit the nature center with interactive displays and take an adventure into the woods looking.

2nd GRADE PROGRAMS: 2 hours / $3-$4 per student

   Wildlife & Plants - The Circle of Life
Focus will be on investigating the lifecycles of plants and animals. Children will see a fawn & doe, compare birds from an egg to an adult, learn about butterflies & frogs lifecycles. Students will go on hike with the focus on life cycles. Students will make a simple planter and plant a seed to carry back to school and watch grow. Students will create a booklet of the life cycles of frogs & butterflies with rubber stamps.
S2L1abd, S2E3

3rd GRADE PROGRAMS: 2 hours / $3-$4 per student

   Wildlife-Habitats & Features
Focus will be on habitats & adaptations. Students will discover Beavers from their teeth to their tail & use prompts to recognize how their adaptations help them survive. Otters, raccoons & birds will also be shared.

   Cliatt Creek Nature Hike
Students will and go on a mile hike/ focus will be habitats & special features plants and animals have to survive.

4th GRADE PROGRAMS: 2 hours / $3-$4 per student

   Birds of Prey
Focus will be adaptations of Birds of Prey for survival & the flow of energy through food chains. Students will dissect owl pellets and go on a nature hike.
S4L2a S4L1ab

   Cliatt Creek Nature Hike
Focus will be on decomposers, consumers & producers. Students will observe various habitats and see changes in the environment that have affected habitats.
S4L2a, S4L1ab

5th GRADE PROGRAMS: 2 hours / $3-$4 per student

   From the Smallest to the Biggest Vertebrates & Invertebrates
Students will discover the world of vertebrates and invertebrates through three adventure stations. They will discover what lives in the lake as park staff seine an area of the lake catching fish and a variety of invertebrates. They will take a closer look at vertebrates/ invertebrate in our discovery room which hosts a variety of displays, microscopes and mounted animals. And they will go on a GEO caching adventure looking for clues to identify a vertebrate or invertebrate.

Maximum 25 students | $10 per student | Minimum charge $100

   Pioneer and Indians | NOVEMBER | 2nd to 5th Grades
This learning adventure helps students learn about Pioneer and Indians lifestyles. Students will learn how important plants and wildlife were important to both Pioneers & Indians. They will make their own dipped candles and butter, play Indian games and learn some Indian sign language.

   Fall Discovery | OCTOBER | K to 3rd Grades
This learning adventure helps students discover fall from leaves to festival events. Students will participate in collecting fall leaves to discover the magical colors of fall. Depending on grade level they will leaf rub, scavenger hunt or even create a leaf collection booklet. They will roast marshmallows and go on a hayride.

   Jr. Rangers | SEPTEMBER & MAY | 1st to 4th Grades
Students will learn about the plants and animals that call Georgia their home. Dependent on grade level students will discover habitats, plants animal needs, adaptations, predator/prey relationships. They will learn what is dangerous in the woods, go on a scavenger hunt and discover what lives in the lake as our staff and volunteers seine the lake.

   Earth Day | APRIL | 3rd to 5th Grades
Students will learn why Earth Day is important. They will rotate through a variety of activities that focus on recycling, lake ecology and wildlife protection. They will discover what lives in the lake through seining samples, create a key chain out of recycle paper and go on a nature hike.

Call:  706-541-0321
Monday-Friday: 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Be ready to provide the following information when you call:
   • Number and grade level of students
   • Program you are interested in
Teachers and chaperones are expected to participate and assist program staff as needed.

Fees: Minimum $50
         $3 per student for groups with 10- 60 people
         $4 per student for groups with more than 60 people

Minimum group size: 10
Maximum group size: 100

Field trips are usually scheduled on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

Groups with 40 or more students will be broken down into smaller more manageable groups. Groups will rotate from station to station with each station focusing on the subject the teacher has selected for their school program.

Can’t come to us we will come to you during the months of January & February. The cost of outreach programs is $120 for one classroom program and $60 for each classroom program after the first.


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